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Deportation Defense

There are several defenses to stop the process of deporting the person from the country.


Notary public services for power of attorney, affidavit, certified copies of any other document.

Family Law

Divorce, Maintenance, Child Support, Allocation of Parental Responsiblitites, Adoptions

Orders of Protection

People who are victims of abuse, harassment or intimidation are eligible to obtain a restraining order.


DACA, Asylum, Family Immigration, Naturalization, Waivers, U-Visa, Employment Visa

Wills and Estates

Wills, Power of Attorney, Trusts, Declarations of Heirs, Legal guardianship

FOIA Requests

We request the files from the FBI, CBP and USCIS to make a more detailed analysis of the client’s situation.

Traffic / DUI

Traffic violations, no license, DUI, licenses for undocumented immigrants


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Deportation Defense

Every year thousands of Hispanic families in the United States are separated by deportation proceedings. Deportation is an option for the United States government to return undocumented immigrants to their country of origin. However, there are several defenses that immigration courts may consider to stop the process of removing the person from the country. If you or a member of your family has been detained by the Immigration Department, it is important to remember that you have rights and several options. The first right that a person in this situation has is to consult with an attorney before signing any document that the immigration officer gives them.

The attorneys at Hispano Law Group, Ltd. are available to help you stay in the country and protect your future as a United States resident.

Thanks to our experience we can prepare a solid defense for your deportation case. Our firm guarantees that throughout your case you will speak with a lawyer in Spanish. Call us right now for your consultation.

Family Law


FOIA Requests

To request any benefit from the Immigration Department, it is required to provide correct information on how you entered the United States and if you had any contact with the immigration authorities at the border. Many times the person does not clearly remember the exact information of how and when they entered and does not remember if they were fingerprinted when they were caught by immigration. In these cases, it is advised to perform an immigration investigation and request all the files that contain information about the individual; FBI, Border Patrol, and Immigration Department files are requested to review the client’s status. Once this information is available, the lawyer can make a more detailed analysis of the client’s situation and determine if he is eligible to obtain the benefit he wants to request.

At Hispano Law Group, Ltd. we have handled a large number of these cases and we have the experience and knowledge to process these investigations in the most fast, economical and efficient way possible.


The purpose of notarization is to prevent fraud and counterfeiting. The notary acts as an official and impartial witness to the identity of the person who appears before the notary for a specific purpose.

We provide services for the drafting of authorizations for minors to travel outside the US, power of attorney and notarization of all types of documents. Our notaries are fully bilingual and we have document translation services.

Orders of Protection

When a person is a victim of family abuse, there is the legal remedy of an Order of Protection or Restraining Order. The victim can be any member of a family, that is, husbands or wives, children, ex-partners and even housemates are eligible to obtain an order of protection.

Abuse can include physical and emotional abuse, harassment, intimidation, among others. The person who is the victim of abuse can apply for an order of protection without the presence of the aggressor. Initially, the court grants a temporary protection order and then a hearing is held where the accused has the opportunity to defend himself against the allegations.

At that hearing, the court will decide whether to extend the order of protection and restraining order up to a maximum of 2 years or, on the contrary, can eliminate the temporary order. The granting of an order of protection may include the following consequences:

  • Sole possession of the residence
  • temporary child custody
  • temporary child support payments or maintenance payments to spouse

    At Hispano Law Group, Ltd. we have experience handling these types of cases, both representing the person requesting the protection order and the person defending himself from an action of this type. Our attorneys speak Spanish and can provide guidance regarding this and other areas of the law. Call our offices for a consultation.

  • Wills and Estates

    At Hispano Law Group, Ltd. we do more than just write a will, we can help you create a comprehensive estate plan that protects your family and helps ensure your wishes are met.

    We provide advice on the creation of documents to meet specific needs such as:

  • Wills and Living Wills (also known as Advance Medical Directives)

  • Financial and health care powers of attorney

  • Trusts (revocable, irrevocable and special needs)

    We provide services to executors and heirs in probate and administration and distribution of the estate. We also provide services to the heirs in the preparation of Declarations of Heirs in cases where the deceased left no will.
  • Traffic / DUI